Friday, December 20, 2013

Your 100 Pesos and 100 Kids in One Project

Aside from celebrating the birth of Jesus, we all know that Christmas is the season of sharing and giving gifts. It is the time, where children are very excited to receive and open gifts. But how about those who are abandoned and street children? 

This year, we, together with the Mission Partners of Mary started the street tutorial and feeding. As Christmas day is fast approaching, we ask the children what are their wishes. Some of them said, to eat and play at Mcdonalds. And yes, wish granted!

On the first week of December, through the help of social media we asked some friends and relatives to help us in donating 100pesos per kid to eat and play in Mcdonalds. We aim to gather at least a hundred of street chidren and orphans. And by Dec. 14, we were able to gather them all in one fun and memorable christmas party held at Mcdonalds, Bajada Davao city branch. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

KakaoTalk Makes Party Planning Easier with New Features

Planning to meet with friends can be challenging and frustrating, especially if you are constantly on the go and have different schedules. Especially since Philippines is like a maze filled with one-way streets and small alleyways to get lost in, describing a location to a friend can be especially difficult. KakaoTalk, the No.1 Social Networking App in the iOS App Store, offers a Location Sharing feature, which reduces the hassle of planning and coordinating with your friends, giving you accurate updates on their current location.

With only a few taps on your phone, KakaoTalk’s Location Sharing feature lets your friends know where you are, instead of typing out the complete address. You can also use the feature to share a certain location of choice. Tim Jang, director of Kakao Philippines, explains how this will simplify meeting with friends. “The location feature offers a seamless experience for users, by allowing them to share either their current location or a location of choice all within the KakaoTalk chatroom, without the inconvenience of switching between different applications.”

Monday, December 16, 2013

Back to Back Recognitions for Behind the Rolling Chair

It was about one and a half year since i started blogging about the life of people living with disability. When i started blogging, i didn't realized how important this is especially to us PWDs (Persons with Disability). When i joined Davao Bloggers Society last year, i was inspired by my fellow bloggers of how dedicated they were in blogging. Honestly, im not really a good writer but i realized that if you have the passion, you can do it. If you are just positive enough to think that what you are doing was not just merely writing, it is about helping the sector in voicing out the rights of PWDs so as to give awareness to people.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Café Asia - Dimsum House As To Accessibility

As you enter the restaurant, a spacious customer area will welcome you. ACCESSIBLE
New, spacious, good food, welcoming staff, and convenient restaurant that's what i observed when i had the chance to try the newly opened restaurant in Metro Lifestyle Complex, Corner F. Torres St. E. Jacinto Ext., the Café Asia - Dimsum House. 

But here's the question, is it accessible for wheelchair person like us? Well, take a look at these photos below and it will tell you if its ACCESSIBLE or NOT!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Winners of the Do More Awards

The DO MORE Awards aim to recognize Filipino achievers who have the courage to challenge the status quo. The awards will be given to those who take the initiative to go beyond the call of duty.
From August 6 to October 5, Rappler received hundreds of entries. A panel of 8 has selected 24 finalists for the Rappler Do More Awards powered by Rexona.
The public voted for their pick from October 24 to November 24. Public votes made up 40% of each nominee's final score. The panel's vote made up 60% of the total score. 
Last Nov 28, 2013 (Thursday,6pm) at Makati Shang-rila Hotel, Do More Awards winners were announced. Congratulations to all the winners!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Bioessence Davao Celebrates Founder's Day

Almost like a fairytale. The story is one that went through the basic plots of beginning, challenges, struggles, hard work, and then triumph. From a three bed clinic that has spawned to almost 50 branches with a strong presence in the key cities and areas in Luzon and Mindanao, Bioessence has spread a thing of beauty - holistic wellness.

Growing and remaining strong for 19 years is no easy feat. But because of the Founding President who is also celebrating her birthday (Nov24), Dr Emma Beleno-Guerrero's firm belief in the power of excellent customer service, continuous innovation, non stop research and development, and a passionate heart for service became the perfect recipe that made Bioessence the first choice in luxury facials, effective non-surgical slimming, and anti aging treatments.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Behind the Rolling Chair Founder for Do More Awards

Naprey Almario is best known as the dancing, “strong-wheeled” housemate who joined Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) two years ago. Since then, he has become a staunch advocate for persons with Disabilities (PWDs), clamoring in their behalf for better accessibility all over the country.

Dinner For A Cause

"You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you."

Last Nov 15, 2013, a hundred guests went out to attend the Dinner for A Cause held at Helen's Kitchen, Buhangin Davao City. This was for the benefit of Providence Home of St. Joseph Davao Inc. and to help also typhoon victims. 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Project Hygiene Kit for Yolanda Victims

Sample Hygiene Kit
We all know that personal hygiene is very important. Is is a practice of keeping yourself clean in order to maintain good health. It is a way of protecting ourselves from illness. 

Because of what happened to Visayas region, the devastation of typhoon Yolanda, a lot of our fellow countrymen are in danger because of not having concern of their personal hygiene. Because of that, Davao Bloggers Society is spearheading a campaign to assemble 1,000 hygiene kits for the survivors of Yolanda. Each kit will contain toiletries and other essentials good for one week's use by one person. We chose to assemble and donate hygiene kits as this is something that is not yet prioritized by many donors.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Help Victims of Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) in the Philippines

Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan), one of the strongest storms recorded hit the Philippines last Nov 8, 2013 early in the morning. Yolanda brought powerful winds roaring on the land and on the sea as it made 6 landfall in different provinces of Eastern Visayas. Communications were out due to black out. Trees collapsed by strong winds that resulted to unclear roads. 

Just after few hours, typhoon Yolanda has left hundreds of people dead in Tacloban, Leyte, Iloilo, and other affected areas in the country. 

Accessibility Observation in Singapore

It has always been my dream to visit Singapore because of its accessibility. Last Oct 25 2013 finally got the chance to experience Singapore through an advocacy campaign, to check and experience by myself how accessible the country is. From the public toilet to the shopping malls, trains, and even the high way, its all accessible.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Accessibility at Vikings

The largest Buffet Restaurant in PH Now in Davao. Yes, you just heard it right, the largest buffet restaurant in the country is now open to serve Davaoeños. It's been a month also that i've read a lot of post, tweets, and even thoughts of how excited people are on the day, where Vikings will finally be open at SM Lanang Premier, Davao city. 

International Day for Disaster Reduction

Happened last Oct. 11, 2013, Friday at Mall of Asia followed by a conference at Heritage Hotel, Makati. It was attended by NGOs, Gov. Agencies and officials from different municipalities in the country. This year's focus of IDDR is for people living with disabilities with the theme "Living with Disability and Disasters".

Monday, October 7, 2013

Different Types of Disabilities

It is the inability to see. Visual impairment or low vision is a severe reduction in vision that cannot be corrected with standard glasses or contact lenses and reduces a person's ability to function at certain or all tasks. [medical-dictionary]

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Precious Moment With The Kids of Hope

Photo after the art workshop
"Hugs can do great amounts of good, especially for children." - Princess Diana

Hug them - the first thing i did when i finally met the kids of hope.

Kids of Hope are children from House of Hope who are suffering from leukemia. There are about 30 children who undergo chemo therapy at Southern Philippines Medical Center through the initiative of Davao Children's Cancer Fund Inc. 

Last month, my fellow blogger and advocate Jojie Alcantara, invited me to an art workshop for the kids of hope. We taught them how to draw and express their feelings. Spending time with these children was really an amazing experience. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Van With Hydraulic Wheelchair Lift

For the past 3 years, i have been travelling around the country attending forums, and seminars for Persons With Disabilities. Just a year ago, i realized that our country is not really accessible for us, PWDs. Some airlines dont have lifter. Some establishment dont have ramps. Coffee shops and restaurants don't have restroom for PWDs. And most of our mode of transportation are not accessible like bus and vans. It's really a problem especially for someone like me travelling alone. After all these observations, i just realized that i think i have to advocate accessibility for PWDs. Since im the one experiencing all these accessibility problems, why not be the one also to promote accessibility and give awareness esp. to business establishments how important it is to be accessible. 

Just a few days ago, i received an invite from Lifelifters Transport Inc. to try their van with hydraulic wheelchair lifter. LTI provides transportation solution to Persons With Disabilities and their families in the Philippines. They offer van rental service that is equipped with hydraulic lift. This will give us painless and easy way of entering to their van.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Restrooms: Accessible or Not?

I travel a lot. I try to eat to different restaurants. I have meetings most of the time in different coffee shops. One thing that i take into consideration is the restroom/comfort room/bathroom especially in places like hotel, restaurant,airport,coffee shops,or any place outside from my comfort zone. 

And i think, im not the only one who always have this kind of problem. I know those families who have PWD family member or with elderly also. 

As part of my advocacy campaign as to accessible or barrier-free environment, i always find time to take some photos of every restrooms that i use. And here are some of them.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Some Constraints of Persons With Disabilities

Hopefully PH will have this one. 
1. Difficulties in Transportation

Here and abroad we have different types of transportation. We have buses, jeepneys, trains, taxis, airplane, boat, and many more. As person with disability, it is our concern to have an accessible transportation because just like any other person, we would love to see and experience also the beauty of the world through travelling. Not to mention, some important travels that we do for work, education, and leisure. 

Most of the time, esp for wheelchair person we experience difficulties in transportation and we cannot deny the fact that its really challenging on how we deal such difficulties. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Street Feeding and Tutorial

“It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”  ― Mother Teresa

Instead of partying, together with some friends we go out and have some street feeding and tutorial to our children in the street. With simple food and some tutoring materials, we go around the city at night like in Torres St. and San Pedro St. where we can find numbers of street kids. 

We also invite volunteers to help us in this advocacy. As of now the schedule is every tuesday and saturday, 6pm at San Pedro Church. We also welcome donors esp. for the food. 

Cobra Pinoy Hero Awards 2013

"Heroism is not about perfection nor is it the absence of fear. It is rising above life’s challenges in order to be relevant to your community."

It's not about finding heroes because heroes are already all around - and indeed, within - us. Ordinary Filipinos - parents, teachers, policemen, farmers, fisher folks, OFWs and many more, perform quiet acts of heroism everyday. 

Practicing simple acts that can effect positive changes are all heroism. Mayaman ka man o mahirap, my pisikal na kapansanan o wala, kayang kaya mong maging bayani sa sarili mong bansa.

This year's Cobra Pinoy Hero Awards 2013 happened last Aug 28. 2013 at Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati city. Behind the Rolling Chair was fortunate enough to be part of this memorable event. I [Naprey Almario] was invited to speak and share my own experiences as advocate.

Here are the people who possesses unique characters of heroism - the winners for this year's Cobra Pinoy Hero Awards 2013.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Children's Day

Following a successful Back to School Gift Giving Project last May 2013, we are pumped as we have another advocacy project for the orphans, the “Children's Day”.

Fun Day highlights three different orphanages in the city namely Balay Pasilungan (located at Bankerohan, Davao City), Padre Pio’s Home for Children, and Providence Home of St. Joseph (both located at Tugbok, Davao City). These three orphanages provide the orphans their basic needs such as shelter, food, clothing, health care and quality education that prepares them to have productive and self-sufficient lives.

Together with Behind the Rolling Chair Volunteers are other partners who willingly accept the invitation to take part in this noble act. This is an event that showcase and enhance the talents of our orphans, let them have fun, and as well as for them to socialize with other children. We prepare different activities for the kids and invited performers/artists to inspire and let kids realize their own talents.

Monday, August 19, 2013


Kadayawan is derived from the Mandaya word "madayaw" which means, a warm and friendly greeting used to explain a thing that is valuable, superior, good, or profitable. Kadayawan sa Davao is a yearly event held every 3rd week of August. It is a celebration of bountiful harvest, wealth of culture and serenity of living.

This year's Kadayawan Festival is with the theme "Pagpaseguro sa Makanunayong Kaayo". As always, Behind the Rolling Chair has been participating to Kadayawan activities like Indak-indak and here's my captured moments of the said event.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fun Run for People on Wheels in the PH

A "FUN RUN" organized by the Philippine Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine (PARM) thru its Making Ourselves Vigilant to Exercise (MOVE) Pilipinas RUN 2013. This was in celebration of the 35th National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week. A simulataneous celebration of the entire PWD (Person With Disability) sector in the country. Also to celebrate and remember the birthday of the "sublime paralytic" Apolinario Mabini, who was known to be one the Filipino hero.

Last July 21, 2013 at exactly 4:30am, Manila, Tacloban, and Davao simutaneously had the PARM MOVE PILIPINAS RUN 2013.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I have been so addicted with water activities like swimming, scuba diving, snorkling, etc. that is why when i went to Iloilo for the second time, i did not missed to experience Guimaras, a known to be place of white sand beaches and blue water islands. From Iloilo, we need to ride a boat first for about an hour then a jeepney for 30 minutes in order to be in Guimaras.

For a wheelchair person like me, its not really easy especially when you ride a full packed jeepney going there unless you are in a private vehicle.

Saturday, June 29, 2013


Just this morning I went to NCCC Mall again for another business transaction and did some groceries. That was not the first time I used basement to enter to the said mall while im in a cab. But it was the first time that the security personnel stopped me and did not allow my cab entered the said premises. I was asking the guard for some consideration since im in wheelchair but instead he called up their head security. I really thought since she is the head, she has the capability of giving consideration. But to my dismay, she didn't. I was trying to explain to her about my situation. She told me to used instead the Maa entrance but i explained to her that the ramp in Maa entrance is not that accessible for wheelchair person like me. The inclination of that ramp is very high. Its not made for wheelchair instead for the mall's shopping cart. And then she even told me to use the Mc Arthur entrance which is not a good option since its quiet far on my part.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Almu's New Friend, Toffee

Ever since, i really love dogs. In fact, i have one and his name is Almu. He's a black chow-chow and he's been with me for a year already. I am very particular with his food and i want him to have the best dog food. At least once a month, i bring him to salon for grooming. When i first heard about Toffee from a friend, i got excited and immediately watch its youtube videos. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Following two successful gift giving events in the past two years, I am pumped as i am ready for the project’s third installment, in time before the opening of the next school year. Yes, its our 3rd year already of Back to School Gift Giving Project. I am very proud of this advocacy project who has been a big sense of fulfillment in me. I feel so much blessed and thankful for giving the opportunity to help. I am so grateful of having friends and families whos been there helping me reaching these kids who really needs help. 

Monday, June 17, 2013


Here's a new treat from Italianni's Abreeza Ayala Mall, the Great Value Meals at 295php. It is serve with seafood vegetables, rice and a glass of ice tea. You can choose from the following menu:
Crisp Fish Fillet
Pork Chop Basilicata
Roasted Baby Back Ribs
Roast Beef and Rice
Seafood Vegetables
Chicken Pasta Picatta

Monday, June 3, 2013

A True Story Behind Cebu Pacific Air Flight 5J 971

My 5J 971 Near-Death Experience
The Timeline as seen from the cabin
By Nino Alinsub

We were seated at row 22 with a great view on the back of the left engine that was heavily damaged. With Smoke filling the cabin, and the airline staff not letting us out, I just held my wife Joy and my son Jouno closer and prayed that there would be no explosion that would happen.

It all started while we were waiting for boarding at Gate 16 in T2 of Ninoy Aquino International Airport. We were informed that our flight will be delayed for 20mins due to the late arrival of our turn around aircraft much to the dismay of the passengers awaiting boarding. Nevertheless we patiently waited.

But after 5 minutes, we were asked to transfer to Gate 20 as there were changes on the flight schedule. When we get there we were directly boarded to an awaiting plane. I thought our original aircraft was still not here? Oh well, I guess this is better than waiting further. This change however turned out to be a critical one.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Gift Giving at St. Joseph Home of Providence

Here's another batch of beneficiaries for the 3rd Back to School Gift Giving Project. This time, its the children of St. Joseph Home of Providence (SJHP). This is run by SMAC sisters and they have 46 children inside the orphanage. The children receives school supplies such as notebook, school bags, glue, pencils, coloring materials, and other school supplies.

This is actually the first time that SJHP is part of the Back to School Gift Giving Project. Though this is not the first time that i/we visited this orphanage because we had our medical mission already a year ago. Fortunate enough that were able to collect more school supplies that's why the said orphanage is now part of the beneficiaries. Here are some captured moments during the gift giving which happens last May 19, 2013.

Padre Pio's Home for Children Receives School Supplies

Padre Pio's Home for Children (PPHC) is an orphanage located at Rambutan St. Tugbok, Davao city. It is run by the Apostles of Jesus Crucified Sisters whose patron saint is St. Pio. They have 30 children and all of these children are into schooling. Since, I have been a volunteer of PPHC, every year before the school year starts, I always see to it that PPHC will receive school supplies and no need for them to buy. So, for the 3rd Installment of Back to School Gift Giving Project, PPHC is again part of the beneficiaries. 30 children receives school bags, notebook, pencils, coloring materials, and other school supplies that they need.

With my fellow Davao Bloggers and some friends helping out the distribution
PPHC, AJC sisters and my fellow volunteers

Padre Pios Home for Children with the Apostles Of Jesus Crucified Sisters
If you wanna visit Padre Pio's Home for Children, pls see the map below,+Davao+del+Sur&hl=en&sll=12.867031,121.766552&sspn=30.748257,39.506836&oq=padre+pio+h&hq=Padre+Pio+Home+For+Children,&hnear=Davao+del+Sur,+Davao+Region&t=m&z=9

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Nick Vujicic Unstoppable Live in Manila

Evangelist and motivational speaker, Nick Vujicic was in the Philippines last May 18, 19, and 20, 2013 for a series of worship night.

Nick is known as "The Man with No Limbs", born without arms and legs.But that didn't stop him from continuing his life and he said "I love living life and I am happy". He has traveled the world to give inspirational speeches on overcoming the challenges of a limbless life through Jesus Christ. 

Unfortunately, since im from Davao, I was not able to see and listen him in person. He has been an inspiration to alot of persons with disablity like me. I look forward for his next visit in the Philippines because i will definitely have my tickets booked ahead of time.

for more information about Nick Vujicic, visit his website at 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Meet Toffee, ALPO's newest little ambassador!

Hey there! Meet TOFFEE! The cutest, smartest, and most adorable dog there is! TOFFEE is ALPO’s #1 Fan!

He is a young Jack Russell Terrier who spontaneously tries to come up with the bestest plans to get the real meaty goodness he absolutely deserves. What’s a good tasting meal for TOFFEE? It has to be MEATY! It has to be TASTY! And Toffee wants exactly just that.

TOFFEE also enjoys the cuddles and the huggies from his Mama. Mama is his favorite person in the entire world. Each time TOFFEE gets his bowl of delicious ALPO along with Mama’s furry tickles, he can’t help but sigh and say: “Ahhh! This is the good life!”

Say “Hi” to him on ALPO Philippines’ Facebook Page: and allow him to show you how you can give your beloved pet dogs a bite out of the good life!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Globe Tattoo's Cat@lyst Launched for Social Change

Be the start. Lead the change. This is what Cat@lyst, a Tattoo-branded corporate social responsibility initiative in partnership with the Global Shapers Manila Hub, envisions today’s youth to do – cause a chain reaction of positive action to make a difference in society using modern technology.

Tattoo, the most reliable mobile broadband powered by Globe, takes the advocacy of Global Shapers to bring the Cat@lyst vision to life. The Global Shapers Manila Hub is composed of young extraordinary individuals with great potential for future leadership roles in society.  It is part of the Global Shapers community, a global program of the World Economic Forum.

For its first project, Cat@lyst seeks to harness creativity, energy and social media through a youth challenge with the Global Shapers acting as mentors. Some of the Global Shapers are Tattoo ambassador Bianca Gonzalez; Save Philippine Seas co-founder Anna Oposa; San Vicente, Palawan Mayor Pie Alvarez; doctor and researcher on neglected tropical diseases, Harvy Liwanag; and Mano Amiga Academy co-founder Lynn Pinugu.

Both Tattoo and the Global Shapers are working hand-in-hand to encourage the youth to make concrete and feasible solutions to the problems of their communities such as air pollution, traffic enforcement, crime prevention, among others.

“We are looking for a realistic solution that has an ICT component and has the potential to be replicated in other communities. We need young people who have a genuine desire to help,” said Dong Ronquillo, Head of Tattoo Nomadic Broadband Business. 

Bianca Gonzalez, one of the most active members of Global Shapers Manila Hub and a Tattoo ambassador, said:  “We have a lot of exceptional young people who can act as a catalyst toward social and economic change.  So together with Globe, we want to harness their capabilities with the help of ICT and social media to come up with realistic solutions to real community problems.”

Filipino citizens, aged 18-30, can submit a proposal via a one-minute video entry from May 2 to 31 which meets the following criteria:

1.       Innovation –  demonstrates creativity and originality
2.       Implementation Feasibility – proposal should be executable in the given timeline and proponents should demonstrate capability to mobilize stakeholders involved
3.    Impact – provides a long-lasting solution to an existing social problem

Application forms may be downloaded from the Globe Cat@lyst website and from the entries, 15 will be shortlisted. Five winners will then be chosen in June and will be awarded a P200,000 cash grant for program development, mentorship, and ICT support.

Believe in change. Fuel your Innovation. Join the Cat@lyst Revolution.

For more information, pls. contact:

Ms. Yoly C. Crisanto
Head, Corporate Communications
Tel. No. 7302627
Fax No. 7393075
Email Address:

Saturday, April 20, 2013

How and Where Did I Spent My Holy Week 2013

For 23 years, i have been spending my Holy Week in my own province Sta. Maria Davao del Sur with family. But this year (2013), i had the chance to visit again Iloilo for the 2nd time and spend the rest of my Holy Week. I chose Iloilo because the 1st time i went there, i was really amazed and got mesmerized with their super old yet grandiose churches. It was last 2012 when i had the chance to visit 6 churches in Iloilo including the world heritage church, Miag-ao church constructed in the year 1797 that stands as a living legacy of the culture and way of life of the people of Miagao centuries ago.

Another world heritage church in Iloilo is Santa Barbara church which where i spent my Easter Sunday for this year. There, i saw numbers of religious images of patron saints in a beautifully decorated carriages. Huge number of devotees where outside the church witnessing those said religious images. As a roman catholic, it was such a great experienced that gives me another reason to thank God for my existence. 

Part of my holy week short vacation in Iloilo was my Guimaras experience which was so tiring yet it was great experience. Together with some friends, we had the island hopping experience then went to Trapistine Monastery to buy some sort of souvenirs. I was so much blessed coz ive met one priest inside the Monastery and he was like telling me that when he saw me he smiled coz he felt that im a happy person inspite of my condition. He prayed for me and gave me holy water. 

The whole experience wont be so memorable if not because of people who accommodated me during my stay in Iloilo. Thank you to my good friends in Iloilo for always welcoming and patiently touring me around the city and even to the nearby places. 


Monday, April 8, 2013


Davao City – Following two successful gift giving events in the past two years, Naprey Almario is pumped as he ready for the project’s third installment, in time before the opening of the next school year.

After his stint in Pinoy Big Brother’s House, more people rallied to support Naprey in causes that he do. Time and again, he proved that no physical barriers are impossible enough to overcome. Instead, he’s been able to champion PWDs and empower many people to contribute in community building.

In May of 2011, Naprey and his friends drove to Kumasi, Santa Maria, Davao Del Sur and distributed school supplies to sixty (60) poor school kids. It drew a lot of attention that made the second visit even more successful, benefiting more than two hundred kids from supports coming here and abroad. They we’re able to give not only crayons, pencils and notebooks but also bags, shoes and lunch boxes. Beneficiaries are the Padre Pios Home for Children, victims of flash flood in Pongpong, Sta Maria Davao del Sur, and the students with disabilities in SPED Bangkal Davao city.

“I don’t see limitations, only abilities to create an impact to the lives of these underprivileged kids. You see, I can’t walk but I have hands I can extend to the needy”, he told us. He added that with different social media tools, he’s been very successful in raising awareness and reaching out to project partners.

Naprey is truly an inspiration not only to the PWD community but to everyone as well. He is a testament that it only takes a will to accomplish a seemingly impossible task.

To support, you may contact Naprey on Facebook at
Twitter and Instagram - @napreyalmario
or sms to 09177131988 for your pledges and donations.

Here are some of the school supplies that we need for the said 2nd Back 2 School Gift Giving Project.
-Pencils                                    -Ballpoint pens
-Colored Pencils                         -Coupon bond / Colored -Papers
-Crayons                                   -Scissors
-Notebooks                               -Elementary Papers
-Sharpeners                              -Glue or Paste
-Rulers                                     -School Bags
-Pencil Cases                             -others

 1st Back to School Gift Giving Project

2nd Back to School Gift Giving Project

Article by: Josh Mahinay

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Zest Air Experience

Here i am again sitting in a row of chairs in an aircraft. This is my 1st time in zest air, ive been hearing alot of complains about this aircraft and now its my turn to share my experience from them. Well unang una delayed ang flight ng one hour and a half. Its not new to me coz if im not mistaken, this problem is very common to zest air passengers. so i just ignore it. secondly, after how many travels it is the first time that no one assisted me, well im not saying i need it badly but the thing is im in wheelchair. what if that person is not as agile as me? Third thing that i felt so bad and disappointed is when the time that we, all passengers are already inside the aircraft and all crews and pilots are inside also but then lights and aircondition are off. imagine we are all inside and it took more than 30minutes before it started. some passengers are complaining already and here's a scary experience with Zest Air. After that aircondition problem, the aircraft started its engine already but in just a few minutes everything shut down again (lights,aircondition,engine,etc). It took about two minutes before it started to run again normally. Scared we are especially that we are still about to start our flight back in Davao. With this kind of experience that i have, i promise to myself that as much as possible, i wont book any flight again with this airlines. sigh!!!

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Kaamulan Festival is an ethnic cultural festival held annually in Malaybalay CityBukidnon from the second half of February to March 10, the anniversary date of the foundation of Bukidnon as a province in 1917. It is held to celebrate the culture and tradition of the seven ethnic tribal groups—Bukidnon, Higaonon, Talaandig, Manobo, Matigsalug, Tigwahanon and Umayamnon—that originally inhabit the province. It is the only ethnic festival in the Philippines.
Kaamulan comes from the Binukid word “amul” meaning to gather. Kaamulan is gathering for a purpose—a datuship ritual, a wedding ceremony, a thanksgiving festival during harvest time, a peace pact, or all of these together.
Kaamulan started as a festival on May 15, 1974, during the fiesta celebration of the then municipality of Malaybalay. A town official thought of inviting some indigenous people to town and made them perform a few dance steps at Plaza Rizal to enliven the fiesta celebration. The celebration however proved very popular and together with national coverage the Kaamulan festival has become the regional festival of Northern Mindanao, as declared by the Regional Development Council of Region 10 on September 16, 1977. Kaamulan was formerly held on the first week of September but in 1996, it was transferred to the present date to synchronize it with the foundation celebration of the province.

Its my first time to visit Bukidnon and experience Kaamulan's Street dancing. Thanks to my fellow PWDs Persons With Disabilities for the invite.


Meet my friend RJ Garcia who is one of the founder of BAG943 together with Josh Mahinay. Aside from the Bag of Dreams Project, RJ also went to different rural areas to give apples. As the saying goes, an apple a day keep the doctors away. Yes, RJ believes that instead of giving candies and chocolates, why not give them apples. Some kids eat apples only during christmas and some also havent tried to eat atleast one.

It was March 9, who happened to be the birthday also of RJ when he visited Padre Pios Home for Children (PPHC) for his apple drive. Aside from apples, school supplies and two BAG943 backpacks were also given. Children gave a presentation by playing banduria to RJ singing a happy birthday song and a few more folk songs. It was RJs 1st visit to the said orphanage and here are some of the captured moments of RJs Apple Drive and Birthday Celebration!

Instagram: @behindrollingchair