Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Thank You Mama

Mom, Mother, Mommy, Momma, Mama,  Mum, or Ina. Whatever we call them, they're all referring to one and only girl in our lives - our MOTHER. Wikipedia define Mother as a woman who has conceived, given birth to, or raiseda child in the role of a parent.

For me, Mother is a bestfriend, an inspiration, a person that i look up to, my driving force, sometimes my enemy also (LoL), but mostly my comforter.  Sabi nga ni Victor Hugo and I quote "A Mother's arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them". So agree with this 'coz every time I'm sick, instead of calling the doctor very quick, I always call my Mom and ask her to come & visit me here in the city. My Mom is actually in the province together with my father and sister but every time I needed her,she's always there on my side."The heart of a Mother is a deep abyss, at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness" and that is according to Honore de Balzac. Again, I am so agree with this 'coz even if how hard headed I am which lead us both to discuss and argue, still my Mom is there to support me and love me unconditionally.

All of us in the family are not that expressive enough to the extent that we don't say I Love You to each other as often as we could." But, I really admire our relationship 'coz I can really feel how much we love each other. Sabi nga diba, "action speaks louder than words". I know that Mom loves me because of how she took good care of me since birth. I remember the time when I was diagnosed with polio, it was my Mom who was really affected. When I immersed myself into a series of therapies for the hope of recovery, it was my Mom who's there beside me. And I thank her very much for fighting with me and for not giving up. 
"Thank you Ma dahil hindi ka sumuko para sakin. Salamat kasi ginawa mo lahat ng makakaya mo para gumaling lang ako.Salamat din dahil hindi mo pinakita sakin na nahihirapan ka,na napapagod ka rin,na nasasaktan ka rin.Thank you Ma."

I thank my Mom also for always supporting my undertakings. For not being so strict and allowing me to be independent and be matured enough. I thank her also for all the financial support. For all the guidance and 'for the love and care especially when the skies are grey. Thank you Ma!!!
   M - O - T - H - E - R
   M - is for the MILLION things she gave me.
   O - is for the OVERJOYED that we have shared.
   T - is for the TEARS she shed to save me.
   H - is for the HEART of purest gold.
   E - is for her EYES with love-light shining.
   R - means RIGHT, and RIGHT she will always be.

To all Mothers out there, to my aunties and friends, Happy Happy Mother's Day to all.Thank you for giving us birth and allowing us to see the beauty of ife. Today, tomorrow, & forever we will honor you.

Here are some videos specially made for you all.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

SM Davao activates iButterflies

Last May 5, 2012, I was invited for a grand activation of an Augmented Reality  App based technology - The iButterfly. The said launch was held at SM city Davao - Annex and it was attended by some media people. iButterfly is an engaging and entertaining mobile information and couponing platform which tasks users with catching augmented reality butterflies. Each butterfly represents one or more coupons.

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