Saturday, April 20, 2013

How and Where Did I Spent My Holy Week 2013

For 23 years, i have been spending my Holy Week in my own province Sta. Maria Davao del Sur with family. But this year (2013), i had the chance to visit again Iloilo for the 2nd time and spend the rest of my Holy Week. I chose Iloilo because the 1st time i went there, i was really amazed and got mesmerized with their super old yet grandiose churches. It was last 2012 when i had the chance to visit 6 churches in Iloilo including the world heritage church, Miag-ao church constructed in the year 1797 that stands as a living legacy of the culture and way of life of the people of Miagao centuries ago.

Another world heritage church in Iloilo is Santa Barbara church which where i spent my Easter Sunday for this year. There, i saw numbers of religious images of patron saints in a beautifully decorated carriages. Huge number of devotees where outside the church witnessing those said religious images. As a roman catholic, it was such a great experienced that gives me another reason to thank God for my existence. 

Part of my holy week short vacation in Iloilo was my Guimaras experience which was so tiring yet it was great experience. Together with some friends, we had the island hopping experience then went to Trapistine Monastery to buy some sort of souvenirs. I was so much blessed coz ive met one priest inside the Monastery and he was like telling me that when he saw me he smiled coz he felt that im a happy person inspite of my condition. He prayed for me and gave me holy water. 

The whole experience wont be so memorable if not because of people who accommodated me during my stay in Iloilo. Thank you to my good friends in Iloilo for always welcoming and patiently touring me around the city and even to the nearby places. 


Monday, April 8, 2013


Davao City – Following two successful gift giving events in the past two years, Naprey Almario is pumped as he ready for the project’s third installment, in time before the opening of the next school year.

After his stint in Pinoy Big Brother’s House, more people rallied to support Naprey in causes that he do. Time and again, he proved that no physical barriers are impossible enough to overcome. Instead, he’s been able to champion PWDs and empower many people to contribute in community building.

In May of 2011, Naprey and his friends drove to Kumasi, Santa Maria, Davao Del Sur and distributed school supplies to sixty (60) poor school kids. It drew a lot of attention that made the second visit even more successful, benefiting more than two hundred kids from supports coming here and abroad. They we’re able to give not only crayons, pencils and notebooks but also bags, shoes and lunch boxes. Beneficiaries are the Padre Pios Home for Children, victims of flash flood in Pongpong, Sta Maria Davao del Sur, and the students with disabilities in SPED Bangkal Davao city.

“I don’t see limitations, only abilities to create an impact to the lives of these underprivileged kids. You see, I can’t walk but I have hands I can extend to the needy”, he told us. He added that with different social media tools, he’s been very successful in raising awareness and reaching out to project partners.

Naprey is truly an inspiration not only to the PWD community but to everyone as well. He is a testament that it only takes a will to accomplish a seemingly impossible task.

To support, you may contact Naprey on Facebook at
Twitter and Instagram - @napreyalmario
or sms to 09177131988 for your pledges and donations.

Here are some of the school supplies that we need for the said 2nd Back 2 School Gift Giving Project.
-Pencils                                    -Ballpoint pens
-Colored Pencils                         -Coupon bond / Colored -Papers
-Crayons                                   -Scissors
-Notebooks                               -Elementary Papers
-Sharpeners                              -Glue or Paste
-Rulers                                     -School Bags
-Pencil Cases                             -others

 1st Back to School Gift Giving Project

2nd Back to School Gift Giving Project

Article by: Josh Mahinay

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Zest Air Experience

Here i am again sitting in a row of chairs in an aircraft. This is my 1st time in zest air, ive been hearing alot of complains about this aircraft and now its my turn to share my experience from them. Well unang una delayed ang flight ng one hour and a half. Its not new to me coz if im not mistaken, this problem is very common to zest air passengers. so i just ignore it. secondly, after how many travels it is the first time that no one assisted me, well im not saying i need it badly but the thing is im in wheelchair. what if that person is not as agile as me? Third thing that i felt so bad and disappointed is when the time that we, all passengers are already inside the aircraft and all crews and pilots are inside also but then lights and aircondition are off. imagine we are all inside and it took more than 30minutes before it started. some passengers are complaining already and here's a scary experience with Zest Air. After that aircondition problem, the aircraft started its engine already but in just a few minutes everything shut down again (lights,aircondition,engine,etc). It took about two minutes before it started to run again normally. Scared we are especially that we are still about to start our flight back in Davao. With this kind of experience that i have, i promise to myself that as much as possible, i wont book any flight again with this airlines. sigh!!!

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