Saturday, June 29, 2013


Just this morning I went to NCCC Mall again for another business transaction and did some groceries. That was not the first time I used basement to enter to the said mall while im in a cab. But it was the first time that the security personnel stopped me and did not allow my cab entered the said premises. I was asking the guard for some consideration since im in wheelchair but instead he called up their head security. I really thought since she is the head, she has the capability of giving consideration. But to my dismay, she didn't. I was trying to explain to her about my situation. She told me to used instead the Maa entrance but i explained to her that the ramp in Maa entrance is not that accessible for wheelchair person like me. The inclination of that ramp is very high. Its not made for wheelchair instead for the mall's shopping cart. And then she even told me to use the Mc Arthur entrance which is not a good option since its quiet far on my part.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Almu's New Friend, Toffee

Ever since, i really love dogs. In fact, i have one and his name is Almu. He's a black chow-chow and he's been with me for a year already. I am very particular with his food and i want him to have the best dog food. At least once a month, i bring him to salon for grooming. When i first heard about Toffee from a friend, i got excited and immediately watch its youtube videos. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Following two successful gift giving events in the past two years, I am pumped as i am ready for the project’s third installment, in time before the opening of the next school year. Yes, its our 3rd year already of Back to School Gift Giving Project. I am very proud of this advocacy project who has been a big sense of fulfillment in me. I feel so much blessed and thankful for giving the opportunity to help. I am so grateful of having friends and families whos been there helping me reaching these kids who really needs help. 

Monday, June 17, 2013


Here's a new treat from Italianni's Abreeza Ayala Mall, the Great Value Meals at 295php. It is serve with seafood vegetables, rice and a glass of ice tea. You can choose from the following menu:
Crisp Fish Fillet
Pork Chop Basilicata
Roasted Baby Back Ribs
Roast Beef and Rice
Seafood Vegetables
Chicken Pasta Picatta

Monday, June 3, 2013

A True Story Behind Cebu Pacific Air Flight 5J 971

My 5J 971 Near-Death Experience
The Timeline as seen from the cabin
By Nino Alinsub

We were seated at row 22 with a great view on the back of the left engine that was heavily damaged. With Smoke filling the cabin, and the airline staff not letting us out, I just held my wife Joy and my son Jouno closer and prayed that there would be no explosion that would happen.

It all started while we were waiting for boarding at Gate 16 in T2 of Ninoy Aquino International Airport. We were informed that our flight will be delayed for 20mins due to the late arrival of our turn around aircraft much to the dismay of the passengers awaiting boarding. Nevertheless we patiently waited.

But after 5 minutes, we were asked to transfer to Gate 20 as there were changes on the flight schedule. When we get there we were directly boarded to an awaiting plane. I thought our original aircraft was still not here? Oh well, I guess this is better than waiting further. This change however turned out to be a critical one.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Gift Giving at St. Joseph Home of Providence

Here's another batch of beneficiaries for the 3rd Back to School Gift Giving Project. This time, its the children of St. Joseph Home of Providence (SJHP). This is run by SMAC sisters and they have 46 children inside the orphanage. The children receives school supplies such as notebook, school bags, glue, pencils, coloring materials, and other school supplies.

This is actually the first time that SJHP is part of the Back to School Gift Giving Project. Though this is not the first time that i/we visited this orphanage because we had our medical mission already a year ago. Fortunate enough that were able to collect more school supplies that's why the said orphanage is now part of the beneficiaries. Here are some captured moments during the gift giving which happens last May 19, 2013.

Padre Pio's Home for Children Receives School Supplies

Padre Pio's Home for Children (PPHC) is an orphanage located at Rambutan St. Tugbok, Davao city. It is run by the Apostles of Jesus Crucified Sisters whose patron saint is St. Pio. They have 30 children and all of these children are into schooling. Since, I have been a volunteer of PPHC, every year before the school year starts, I always see to it that PPHC will receive school supplies and no need for them to buy. So, for the 3rd Installment of Back to School Gift Giving Project, PPHC is again part of the beneficiaries. 30 children receives school bags, notebook, pencils, coloring materials, and other school supplies that they need.

With my fellow Davao Bloggers and some friends helping out the distribution
PPHC, AJC sisters and my fellow volunteers

Padre Pios Home for Children with the Apostles Of Jesus Crucified Sisters
If you wanna visit Padre Pio's Home for Children, pls see the map below,+Davao+del+Sur&hl=en&sll=12.867031,121.766552&sspn=30.748257,39.506836&oq=padre+pio+h&hq=Padre+Pio+Home+For+Children,&hnear=Davao+del+Sur,+Davao+Region&t=m&z=9

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