Saturday, March 9, 2013


Kaamulan Festival is an ethnic cultural festival held annually in Malaybalay CityBukidnon from the second half of February to March 10, the anniversary date of the foundation of Bukidnon as a province in 1917. It is held to celebrate the culture and tradition of the seven ethnic tribal groups—Bukidnon, Higaonon, Talaandig, Manobo, Matigsalug, Tigwahanon and Umayamnon—that originally inhabit the province. It is the only ethnic festival in the Philippines.
Kaamulan comes from the Binukid word “amul” meaning to gather. Kaamulan is gathering for a purpose—a datuship ritual, a wedding ceremony, a thanksgiving festival during harvest time, a peace pact, or all of these together.
Kaamulan started as a festival on May 15, 1974, during the fiesta celebration of the then municipality of Malaybalay. A town official thought of inviting some indigenous people to town and made them perform a few dance steps at Plaza Rizal to enliven the fiesta celebration. The celebration however proved very popular and together with national coverage the Kaamulan festival has become the regional festival of Northern Mindanao, as declared by the Regional Development Council of Region 10 on September 16, 1977. Kaamulan was formerly held on the first week of September but in 1996, it was transferred to the present date to synchronize it with the foundation celebration of the province.

Its my first time to visit Bukidnon and experience Kaamulan's Street dancing. Thanks to my fellow PWDs Persons With Disabilities for the invite.


Meet my friend RJ Garcia who is one of the founder of BAG943 together with Josh Mahinay. Aside from the Bag of Dreams Project, RJ also went to different rural areas to give apples. As the saying goes, an apple a day keep the doctors away. Yes, RJ believes that instead of giving candies and chocolates, why not give them apples. Some kids eat apples only during christmas and some also havent tried to eat atleast one.

It was March 9, who happened to be the birthday also of RJ when he visited Padre Pios Home for Children (PPHC) for his apple drive. Aside from apples, school supplies and two BAG943 backpacks were also given. Children gave a presentation by playing banduria to RJ singing a happy birthday song and a few more folk songs. It was RJs 1st visit to the said orphanage and here are some of the captured moments of RJs Apple Drive and Birthday Celebration!

Friday, March 8, 2013


BAG943, BAG which stands for “Be A Giver” sells good quality backpacks and for every purchase made, the company gives another bag to a school kid in need - BUY ONE, GIVE ONE. The company does not only sell good quality backpacks, its mission to empower poor school kids get and pursue education through their projects and programs is the selling part.

Since it launched, BAG943 had given over 400 school bags to Four (4) adopted schools across the country, a remarkable accomplishment for a company that is young and new. Every quarter, the company adopts at least one school to benefit from “BAG OF DREAMS Project”, a bag drive made possible because of the customers’ purchases. The number of sales the company makes equals the number of school bags that they give away to poor school kids.

Together with JCI Makati and JCI Duwaling, another 50 students of Don Francisco S. Dizon Elem School  Davao city were given school bags last March 8, 2013. 


Bag of Dreams Project was founded by two young and generous men, Rj Garcia and Josh Mahinay. It was July last year when best friends Josh and RJ resigned from their jobs and decided to make helping poor school kids their full time Job. “ To succeed is one thing but to go back where you came from and be able to empower, inspire and encourage underprivileged kids with your own story is to me happiness and real service”, Josh said in an interview. 

Let’s welcome BAG943 to 2013 with our festive flutes and wish them success in the coming years! There are not a lot of companies in the Philippines that were founded with social responsibility in mind and this is something that definitely should multiply in numbers. So folks, the next time you plan to buy your next backpack, you might want to consider skipping the big brands and make BAG943 your new backpack pick!

Here's mine!!!

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BAG943 is also now available in countries like USA, EUROPE, Singapore, Japan and ships to most countries around the world.

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