Thursday, August 14, 2014

Exciting Project for the PWD Sector

Here is something to look forward in the PWD (Persons With Disability) sector. Another project of Behind the Rolling Chair that aims to help PWDs get a job or start a business online. 

Taking Advantage of Technology is a series of training intended for the PWDs focusing on the benefits that technology offers. 

An Adventure Worth Remembering

Madami satin madalas gusto ng mga exciting adventures, yung extreme and challenging kasi mas naaalala natin. Well, kahit ako gustong gusto ang mga iyon. But i always wanted na hindi lang challenging but also fulfilling. Last May 24, 2014 i had my first ever mountain experience. You all know that im in wheelchair & kung iisipin mahirap talaga sya. Of course hindi ko na dinala ang wheelchair, what i did was sumakay sa isang motorcycle na tawag ay "habal-habal".

Instagram: @behindrollingchair