Tuesday, December 2, 2014

6th Give the Gift of Giving Project

It's BER months again and to start this yuletide season, here comes again our yearly Christmas project, the Give the Gift of Giving Project and we are on our 6th year already.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mt. Fuji of Japan Up Close

I had never imagined that id be seeing Mt Fuji that close. In fact, in my itinerary for Japan, it was not on the list. I really had no idea that my Japan trip would be as memorable as this.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

At the Summer Capital of PH

I've been travelling around the country and one place that i really wanted to visit was Baguio. Lagi nauunsyami everytime nagpaplano akong mag Baguio. And everytime im travelling for vacation, I want my parents to come with me. I want them to have a break from working so hard.

I am so happy that finally i got to see and experience Baguio city and what's more exciting, im with my mom and a friend of mine. Before heading to Baguio, we had our dinner first in MOA since both of my travel buddies were first-timer ng MOA. hahaha It was around 8:30pm when we went to the Bus station. Unfortunately, the only available trip going to Baguio was 11:30pm so we waited for more than 2 hrs .We arrived in Baguio around 6am and we went straight to the Hotel to leave our things and start touring around Baguio.


First halt, Burnham Park. It was not so cold actually when we arrived at Burnham Park so we enjoyed eating some dirty ice cream .

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Domex World Toilet Day

Community welcomes arrival of clean toilets in “Fiesta” video

It’s a scene typically played out during fiestas: People rushing to the streets, drawn to the sound of a marching band. Everyone is smiling, eager to see the “star” of the celebration. But instead of showing the face of a movie celebrity, a beauty queen or a politician, the video reveals an unlikely, yet welcome sight—a new, clean toilet facility.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Google Training for Persons With Disabilities

Last Sept 13, 2014, 12 differently-abled persons participated in our first training for the project "Taking Advantage of Technology" (More of this project here). This project of Behind the Rolling Chair aims to help PWDs get a job or start a business online. As we all know online jobs were very convenient especially for PWDs. With the Google Tools training, PWDs were able to enhanced their skills and prepare themselves to become virtual assistants.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Experience the Pakfry King

At first, I was wondering why Pakfry? When i saw the first served plate on our table, it was not the usual simple fried tuna tail, it has paksiw sauce on it.  That moment, i therefore concluded it was cooked in two different ways. The taste was so good and not to mention the vinegar "suka" was superb, just perfect combo. A must try unique food in the city, indeed. No doubt he's the king!

The Pakfry King can be found at Palo Vince - The Pakfry King restaurant located at Dacudao Avenue, Davao city. The restaurant served also other sumptuous food like Sinuglaw, Pork BBQ, sea weeds, and many more. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Shell V-Power Nitro+ Launch

Dubbed as the fruit basket of the Philippines, Davao boasts of an abundance in some of the tastiest tropical fruits in the Philippines, thanks to its rich and fertile volcanic soil. Being one of the top destinations in the country for diverse cultural experiences and scenic destinations, Davao, home to the Philippines’ largest city in terms of land area, has definitely a lot to offer for Filipino motorists searching for exciting drives.

 When lush natural scenery and rich culture meet a bustling metropolitan lifestyle, the possibility of discovering something unique and interesting along its vast roads makes driving in and around the city an exciting experience. Whether it’s a relaxing solo drive around the busy streets of the town proper, or a thrilling off-road drive at the foot of Mt. Apo, Pilipinas Shell calls on each and every DavaoeƱo motorist to discover his own formula for an exciting drive. Shell, through its performance fuels, Shell V-Power Nitro+, is on a mission to uncover the different turns, terrains and tracks that characterize the interesting sights and road trips only the Philippines can offer.

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