Thursday, September 5, 2013

Some Constraints of Persons With Disabilities

Hopefully PH will have this one. 
1. Difficulties in Transportation

Here and abroad we have different types of transportation. We have buses, jeepneys, trains, taxis, airplane, boat, and many more. As person with disability, it is our concern to have an accessible transportation because just like any other person, we would love to see and experience also the beauty of the world through travelling. Not to mention, some important travels that we do for work, education, and leisure. 

Most of the time, esp for wheelchair person we experience difficulties in transportation and we cannot deny the fact that its really challenging on how we deal such difficulties. 

Bus with lifter. Not in the PH again.

Guimaras Island
2. Difficulties in Accommodation

Its also a big problem for persons with disability if the hotel is not accessible. Some establishments are not complying to the accessibility law and some they comply but still its not under the standards. Common problems are restroom with small door and without grab bars, high bed, high switches of lights, and high cabinet.


Spacious room: This was designed by Phil. School for Interior Designs Students. 
Restroom and shower room in one: This was designed by Phil. School for Interior Designs Students.
Some information and pictures from this post are courtesy of Maam Adela Kono, an accessibility specialist from Cebu whom I met through a gathering that talks about accessible tourism. I will update this post as soon as i get to see those pictures that i took during my travels. 

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