Thursday, September 19, 2013

Van With Hydraulic Wheelchair Lift

For the past 3 years, i have been travelling around the country attending forums, and seminars for Persons With Disabilities. Just a year ago, i realized that our country is not really accessible for us, PWDs. Some airlines dont have lifter. Some establishment dont have ramps. Coffee shops and restaurants don't have restroom for PWDs. And most of our mode of transportation are not accessible like bus and vans. It's really a problem especially for someone like me travelling alone. After all these observations, i just realized that i think i have to advocate accessibility for PWDs. Since im the one experiencing all these accessibility problems, why not be the one also to promote accessibility and give awareness esp. to business establishments how important it is to be accessible. 

Just a few days ago, i received an invite from Lifelifters Transport Inc. to try their van with hydraulic wheelchair lifter. LTI provides transportation solution to Persons With Disabilities and their families in the Philippines. They offer van rental service that is equipped with hydraulic lift. This will give us painless and easy way of entering to their van.

Lifelifters Transport Inc. is based in Manila, they are located in 487th Avenue, Cubao, Quezon city. You may also contact them at 438-3520 or 0928-7916717 if you have any questions. You may also check their website, and Facebook page, Lifelifters Transport Inc.

I look forward to see a lot of this in the Philippines not just for van but hopefully in all means of transportation. 


  1. There are handicap vans with the lifts already installed by the factory. It would be nice if they could also come with a permanent handicap license plate as well. Parking accommodations should just be assumed for that kind of vehicle.

  2. That is great that you are helping to spread awareness about accessibility. I think a lot of people take their freedom of movement for granted and don't realize how much other people may struggle. Does this lift also allow you to get into a position where you could drive the car as well?


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