Monday, September 2, 2013

Cobra Pinoy Hero Awards 2013

"Heroism is not about perfection nor is it the absence of fear. It is rising above life’s challenges in order to be relevant to your community."

It's not about finding heroes because heroes are already all around - and indeed, within - us. Ordinary Filipinos - parents, teachers, policemen, farmers, fisher folks, OFWs and many more, perform quiet acts of heroism everyday. 

Practicing simple acts that can effect positive changes are all heroism. Mayaman ka man o mahirap, my pisikal na kapansanan o wala, kayang kaya mong maging bayani sa sarili mong bansa.

This year's Cobra Pinoy Hero Awards 2013 happened last Aug 28. 2013 at Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati city. Behind the Rolling Chair was fortunate enough to be part of this memorable event. I [Naprey Almario] was invited to speak and share my own experiences as advocate.

Here are the people who possesses unique characters of heroism - the winners for this year's Cobra Pinoy Hero Awards 2013.
Four winners with the head of Cobra and Asia Brewery
They all received 150,000 and a trophy.
Arizza Ann Nocuum for the Youth Category
Arizza's project is the KRIS Library in Zamboanga. A Library for both Christian and Muslim. Literacy and peace - that's the main focus of this project. Teaching young children and at the same time building a good relationship between Muslim and Christians.

Dr. Anton Lim for the Modern Day Hero Category. Dr. Lim is the founder of Yellow Boat of Hope.
Other two winners for the main category are Frederick Estipola and Rosano Tomentino. Aside from the main categories, there are also other special awards.

me and the special awardees for the PWD category
I can be a hero...
with 2012 Cobra Pinoy Hero Awardees

Thank you so much to Cobra for inviting me as their inspirational speaker. I am humbled and honored to speak and share my advocacies also to my fellow advocate.

To all the Cobra Pinoy Awardees, congratulations and may u be an inspiration to many Filipinos. Be a hero now folks.


  1. Congratulations to all the winners! Continue your advocacy bro, I am an avid reader of this blog- hope to meet you again

  2. Thanks @traveling Morion.
    Hope to meet me again??? so you mean, wev met already? ito ba yung sa lachis? yung bloggers get together? hehehehhe


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